The Journey to TLC Medicine: Introducing Founder Teresa Lau

By TLC Medicine  

Hello and welcome to the very first blog entry for TLC Medicine! We are thrilled to connect with you through our blog, where we’ll share insights, stories, and expert information about our holistic approach to healthcare and well-being. In this first post, Teresa Lau, our founder and clinical director, would like to introduce herself and share her transformative journey that led to the creation of TLC Medicine.

Unearthing the Limitations of Conventional Healthcare

Before becoming a Registered Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner (R.TCMP) and Registered Acupuncturist (R.Ac.), I worked in health policy research. Through my experiences there, I discovered the limitations of relying solely on conventional medical care and pharmaceutical drugs to achieve true wellness for individuals and communities.

Inspired by my own positive experiences with Traditional Chinese Medicine, rooted in my family traditions and personal healing journey, I set out on a mission to make a meaningful impact in the field of health and wellness.

Commitment to Excellence: Pursuing a Dual Background in TCM and Public Health

Determined to excel in my practice, I earned a Master of Science degree from the esteemed American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in San Francisco, completing over 3,000 hours of comprehensive training. Additionally, I hold a master’s degree in public health from Harvard University, which allows me to bridge the worlds of ancient wisdom and modern healthcare seamlessly.

My dual background in TCM and public health has been instrumental in shaping TLC Medicine, where we offer patients the best of both worlds.

TLC Medicine: The Culmination of Knowledge, Passion, and Compassionate Care

Combining my passion for Traditional Chinese Medicine and public health, I founded TLC Medicine to provide personalized guidance and support to patients navigating challenging health concerns. At our clinic, we are dedicated to helping individuals overcome difficult-to-treat conditions, such as chronic pain, neuropathy, women’s health issues, allergies, and long COVID, among others.

I truly believe that anything is possible when it comes to the body’s ability to heal itself, and this belief is at the heart of TLC Medicine. Our goal is to empower patients to unlock and harness their innate healing potential.

Join Me in the Quest for Optimal Wellness

I’m excited to share more insights, stories, and expert information through our blog in the coming weeks and months! To all those seeking a path to healing beyond conventional treatments, I invite you to consider me and the TLC Medicine family your partners and guides in the pursuit of a healthier, more vibrant life.