Prenatal Acupuncture & TLC

Teresa Lau's picture

In recent weeks, I have been delighted to treat quite a few expecting mothers at my practice. Most of these new patients are in their final weeks of their pregnancy, and all are hoping to deliver their babies naturally, with as little medical interventions and complications as possible.

To my surprise, they are all very knowledgeable on the benefits of acupuncture. Through referrals from their physician and peers, they have sought my assistance in helping them stay relaxed, balanced and supported with their body’s natural rhythms in this critical time. Aside from the weekly or bi-weekly acupuncture visits to prep for the big moment, the moms-to-be also greatly appreciated these acupuncture treatments to find relief from anxiety, improve sleep, decrease aches and pains, reduce heartburn, and even increase their energy.

It has been a wonderful experience to treat these amazing women and be a part of their journey. I wish them all the very best in happiness and health with their new bundles of joy!