The Magic Health Pill

Teresa Lau's picture

Recently, an editorial published in a medical journal declared that vitamin and mineral supplements were "a waste of money" that not only fail to prevent mortality and disease, but possibly could be harmful. I do agree that not everyone needs supplementation. Taking a multivitamin pill everyday does not necessarily improve health or prevent disease for everyone. However, the solution isn't to stop taking all vitamins and do nothing either.

Effective medicine is not a one-size-fits-all approach. It should be tailored to each individual. If you really want to stay well, start by examining your health status in the context of your daily life. Are you eating a balanced diet? Do you make time to exercise? Are you getting enough sleep? Do you have healthy strategies for managing stress? Get a diagnostic blood test to see how your body is functioning and understand where the deficiencies are. See a doctor or holistic health practitioner for an assessment, so that they can provide recommendations and/or treatments that are customized for you - which may or may not include vitamins and supplements.

Remember that there is no substitute for healthy lifestyle habits, not even cramming super-sized doses of multivitamins.