Happy New Year!

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Happy 2014, everyone! My social media feeds are exploding today with New Year's resolutions. I haven't counted but my bet is that the most popular goals for 2014 are health-oriented. No matter what your specific objectives are, it is important to create a plan, set milestones, and track your progress on a regular basis so you don't fall off the wagon. Start with a baseline assessment so you know what you need to work on this year, and have a way of measuring your achievements at regular intervals.

One way to do this is by getting a diagnostic blood test from WellnessFX. They offer biomarker testing that is much more comprehensive than the routine labs you get from your MD. Best of all, you can order a test anytime, as frequently as you'd like, no doctor needed. Get retested every 3 months or so to see how your numbers change. It can help provide feedback on how much impact your diet and lifestyle changes have made to your health. Positive reinforcement is a great motivator!

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